Jazz Jottings

Palomar Goodman

Jazz Jottings October 2017

Wesla Whitfield Retires Posting an announcement on Facebook that his wife, vocalist Wesla Whitfield is retiring due to health issues that affect her singing, Mike

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Fred Staton

Jazz Jottings August 2017

What a Wonderful World August 16 will mark the 50th anniversary of Louis Armstrong recording “What a Wonderful World,” which became his best-loved song. The

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Anderson Twins

Jazz Jottings July 2017

Despite inclement weather, attendance at the 2017 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival was announced as 425,000, the same as 2016, but under the record

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Tom McDermott

Jazz Jottings May 2017

Dot Time Records has reached an agreement with the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation to release four albums of previously unreleased music from the Louis Armstrong

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Musical Instrument Museum

Jazz Jottings April 2017

The Musical Instrument Museum, which is rated Phoenix’s top attraction, is featuring an exhibit of inlaid guitars, which will be on display for the next

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Pianists With Justice OConnor

Jazz Jottings March 2017

Stride pianists extraordinaire Stephanie Trick and husband Paolo Alderighi presented “A Supreme Evening of Jazz” at a scholarship benefit concert for the Sandra Day O’Connor

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Jazz Jottings November 2016

Those happy bells you heard ringing on September 10 were actually wedding bells for our gal Bria Skonberg and Matthew Papper, the artistic director for

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Will and Peter Anderson, who shared close quarters for nine months and came out swinging. (Photo by jazz photographer Lynn Redmile)

Jazz Jottings May 2016

Bria Skonberg now has a manager – DSW Entertainment – which she says will help to further her ambitious career. Her April schedule took her

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Stephanie Trick_and Paolo Aldereghi

Jazz Jottings April 2016

Pianist Russ Kassoff, a frequent musical partner of Bucky Pizzarelli, sent along an upbeat report on Bucky’s recovery from a recent stroke. “I had the

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Pokey LaFarge and Chloe Feoranzo

Jazz Jottings February 2016

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on television, Butch Miles recalled “it was hard to believe but I marched in the Macy’s parade with the Charleston

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