June 2018


THE SYNCOPATED TIMES Vol.3, No.6 June 2018


Drew Nugent: Hot Jazz Meets Vaudeville, by Joe Bebco

Remembering Milt “The Judge” Hinton, by Van Young

Queen City Jazz Band Celebrates 60 Years, by Lew Shaw

Dick Hyman’s Ongoing Musical Odyssey, by Bob Byler

New Black Eagles Remain Aloft, by Russ Tarby


Static From My Attic, by Andy Senior

Jazz Birthday of The Month: Gene Austin, Illustration by Gary Price

Jazz Jottings, by Lew Shaw

Blowing off the Dust, By Larry Melton

Quarter Notes, By Shelly Gallichio

Jazz Travels, by Bill Hoffman

Profiles in Jazz: King Oliver, by Scott Yanow

The Festival Roundup, by TST

Letters To The Editor

The Final Chorus, compiled by Joe Bebco


The Professor is IN, by Adrian Cunnigham

My Mama Tried, by Randi Cee


The Syncopated Bookshelf: 3 books by Pops Coffee, reviewed by Joe Bebco

Albums: Nights at the Turntable, by Scott Yanow

Albums: Catching up with New Orleans, Part 1, by Joe Bebco

CD Review: It Might As Well Be Swing, review by F. Norman Vickers

CD Review: Black Licorice, review by F. Norman Vickers

Jimmy McConnell’s Super Big Band, concert review by Harvey Barkan

Other News & Event Previews

Tony Pringle: 1936-2018, by Lew Shaw

David Thomas Roberts Debuts New Concert Piece, by Joe Bebco

“Ain’t That Hot!” The Original Cornell Syncopators, by Russ Tarby

Stephen Foster’s Statue: Context and Perception, by Joe Bebco

Web Extras

Women’s College Cuts Jazz Program, by Joe Bebco

Buddy Bolden House In Danger Of  Demolition By Neglect, by Joe Bebco

American Jazz Museum in KC Restructuring by Joe Bebco






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