The Final Chorus

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Charles Neville

Charles Neville, 79

Charles Neville, 79, April 26 in Massachusetts. The second oldest of the Neville Brothers, played saxophone for the band that commingled all the native strains

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Bob Dorough, 94

Bob Dorough, 94, April 23 in Mt. Bethel, PA. Noticing a talent for music his father, a bread truck driver in Texarkana, made an arrangement

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Stan Reynolds

Stan Reynolds, 92

Stan Reynolds, 92, April 16 in Britain. He started playing trumpet with his father’s band at 12 and touring at age 14. After the war

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Bill Reid

Bill Reid, 84

Bill Reid, 84, in England. Before his primary career as a music promoter began in the early 1960’s he was a double bass and tuba

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Nathan Davis, 81

Nathan Davis, 81, April 9 in Florida. Founder of the University of Pittsburgh’s Jazz Studies program and it’s director from 1969-2013. Born in Kansas City

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Gyula Babos, 66

Gyula Babos, 66, on April 12, in Hungary. Composer, teacher and smooth jazz guitarist whose career began when he won a jazz competition on Hungarian

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Ev Farey

Everett Farey, 88

EVERETT “EV” FAREY, 88, April 4, Novato CA. In the 50’s he was co-leader of the Bay City Jazz Band, led the Golden State Jazz

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Jim Laveroni, 64

JIM LAVERONI, 64, March 28, Rohnert Park, CA. A drummer with The Black Tuesday Jazz Band, The Flying Eagle Jazz Band and the Swing and

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Cecil Taylor, 89

Cecil Taylor, 89

CECIL TAYLOR, 89, April 5th, in Brooklyn, NY. A pioneer of free jazz known for the physicality of his piano approach. He pushed the limits

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Jerzy Milian, 82

JERZY STANISLAW MILIAN, 82, March 7 in Poland. After graduating from the State high School of Music at 16 he was taught at the East

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