Red Hot Musicians

Frank Teschmacher

Frank Teschemacher (1906-1932)

Frank Teschemacher was born in Kansas City, Missouri on March 13, 1906 to Charles and Charlotte McCorkell Teschemacher and was the youngest of their three

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Joe Sullivan

Joe Sullivan (1906-1971)

Joseph Michael O’Sullivan entered this world on November 4, 1906, the ninth child of Irish immigrant parents. His father, Michael, was an inventor, entrepreneur and

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Al Gandee (1896-1946)

Al Gandee played with the Woverines when it was stationed for a three-month stint at Doyle’s Dance Studio in Cincinnati. He also participated on the

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Hoagy Carmichael (1899-1981)

Hoagy Carmichael (November 22, 1899 – December 27, 1981) is remembered today as one of America’s great composers of popular songs. Several of his tunes,

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Mutt Carey

Mutt Carey (1891-1948)

Trumpeter Mutt Carey  (September 17, 1891 – September 3, 1948) got his start like so many others with the marching bands in New Orleans sometime

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Kid Ory (1886-1973)

Kid Ory was the greatest trombone player in the early years of Jazz. He originally played banjo, but then switched to trombone. Perhaps his banjo

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Frisco Jazz Band

Frisco Jass Band

In 1917 this band cut nine titles for Edison, all issued on Blue Amberol as well as Diamond Disc. It was among the first to

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Henry Busse (1894-1955)

Henry Busse  (May 19, 1894 – April 23, 1955) was born in Germany and emigrated to the United States in 1916 where he found work

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Buddy Burton

Buddy Burton (1890-1976)

Multi-instrumentalist and bandleader Buddy Burton  (February 1890- July 6th, 1976?) appeared on a quite a few 1920s Chicago South Side Jazz and Blues records as

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Paul Mares

Paul Mares (1900-1949)

Paul Mares (June 15, 1900 – August 18, 1949) was from New Orleans and a childhood friend of Leon Roppolo and Abbie and George Brunies.

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Leon Roppolo

Leon Roppolo (1902-1943)

Leon Roppolo (March 16, 1902 – October 5, 1943) was considered a genius by his contemporaries and like Bix Beiderbecke and Buddy Bolden he was another of the

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Alberta Brown

Little is known about the life of Alberta Brown, but she made this excellent Blues record in 1928. She is backed up by members of

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Portrait of George Brunis and Tony Parenti, Jimmy Ryan's (Club), New York, N.Y.

George Brunies (1902-1974)

Trombone player George Brunies (February 6, 1902 – November 19, 1974) got his start at age eight playing with Papa Jack Laine‘s band and later went

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Jimmy Durante's Original New Orleans Jazz Band - 1917

Original New Orleans Jazz Band

This band was organized by drummer Johnny Stein after Stein’s Dixie Jass Band broke up and became the Original Dixieland Jass Band. It is interesting to note that

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Bessie Brown (1890-1955)

Bessie Brown, (March 2, 1890– November  12, 1955) like so many other female classic Blues singers of the 1920s. had a background in vaudeville and

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Perry Bradford

Perry Bradford (1893-1970)

Perry Bradford (February 14, 1893 – April 20, 1970) was a singer, songwriter, pianist and vaudeville and minstrel performer who forever changed the sound of

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Benny Goodman at Carnegie 1938

Benny Goodman (1909-1986)

Born into a large, poverty stricken family, Benny Goodman (May 30, 1909 – June 13, 1986) began playing the clarinet at an early age. He

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Ben Pollack

Ben Pollack (1903-1971)

Ben Pollack (June 22, 1903 – June 7, 1971) was one of the more successful White band leaders of the late 1920s. His orchestras featured

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First Recording of Tiger Rag by The Original Dixieland Jazz Band

Jack Carey (1889-1934)

Trombonist Jack Carey was the older brother of Thomas “Pappa Mutt” Carey, the leader of the Crescent City Orchestra, and the author of perhaps the most

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