Red Hot Musicians

Frank Duson

Frankie Dusen (1880-1940)

Frankie Dusen Jr. became the trombonist in Buddy Bolden‘s band in 1906 and took over the group after Bolden went insane in 1907. He re-named the group the Eagle Band after

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Ma Rainey

Ma Rainey (1886-1939)

Gertrude Pridgett was born into a showbiz family that performed in minstrel shows. She first appeared onstage in 1900, singing and dancing in minstrel and

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Superior Orchestra 1910

Peter Bocage (1887-1967)

Multi-instrumentalist Peter Bocage (31 July 1887 – 3 December 1967) was one of the great trumpeters in New Orleans history and ironically did not consider

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Jimmy Blythe (1901-1931)

In 1915 Jimmy Blythe (May 20, 1901 – June 14, 1931) moved from his native Kentucky to Chicago. He was an accomplished musician and composer

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Jack Bland The Jazz Record

Jack Bland (1899-1968)

Banjoist and guitarist Jack Bland (May 8, 1899 – August 1968) is best remembered as the banjoist for the Mound City Blue Blowers which he co-founded

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Esther Bigeou (1923)

Esther Bigeou (1895-1936)

Blues singer Esther Bigeou  (c.1892 – November 15, 1936) was a cousin of drummer Paul Barbarin which made her part of one of the most musical

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Bubber Miley

Bubber Miley (1903-1932)

Bubber Miley (April 3, 1903 – May 20, 1932) was the master of the plunger mute. His growling, drunken wah-wah sounding trumpet playing was largely

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Jimmy Bertrand

Jimmy Bertrand (1900-1960)

Percussionist and xylophonist Jimmy Bertrand (24 February 1900 – August 1960) moved to Chicago in 1913 and played in the State Theatre Orchestra before joining

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Vic Berton

Vic Berton (1898-1951)

The word child prodigy doesn’t even begin to describe Vic Berton (May 7, 1896 – December 26, 1951) who was playing drums in a Milwaukee

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Paul Whiteman (1890-1967)

Paul Whiteman‘s Orchestra was the most popular band of the 1920s. They are also the most controversial to Jazz historians because Whiteman (March 28, 1890

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Elmer Snowden

Elmer Snowden (1900-1973)

Elmer Snowden (October 9, 1900 – May 14, 1973) contributed greatly to jazz in its earlier days as both a player and a bandleader, and

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Don Redman

Don Redman (1900-1964)

Don Redman (July 29, 1900 – November 30, 1964) is one of the first great jazz arrangers and was a pivotal figure in the development

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Eddie Lang

Eddie Lang (1902-1933)

Eddie Lang was the first Jazz guitar virtuoso. A boyhood friend of Joe Venuti, Lang took violin lessons for 11 years but switched to guitar

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Ted Lewis

Ted Lewis (1890-1971)

Clarinetist Ted Lewis was born in Circleville, Ohio in 1890 and was playing leading bands in Ohio as early as 1910. Ted formed a musical

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Duke Ellington Ulriksen Caricature

Duke Ellington (1899-1974)

Duke Ellington brought a level of style and sophistication to Jazz that it hadn’t seen before. Although he was a gifted piano player, his orchestra

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Bessie Smith in 1924

Bessie Smith (1895-1937)

Bessie Smith was a rough, crude, violent woman. She was also the greatest of the classic Blues singers of the 1920s. Bessie started out as

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Danny Barker (1909-1994)

Guitarist and banjoist Danny Barker, a nephew of drummer Paul Barbarin, discovered his interest in music at an early age and was soon taking clarinet

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