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Festival Roundup
Andy Senior

Festival Roundup August 2017

BIX BEIDERBECKE MEMORIAL JAZZ FESTIVAL (Davenport, IA) – Aug. 3-5 The 2017 Bix Festival has a new location: the Rhythm City Casino Resort in north

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The Professor Is IN
Adrian Cunningham

How to Be “That Guy”

You may have noticed last month’s issue of Syncopated Times being perhaps a little lighter in weight. Perhaps you felt like the last edition had

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Jazz Birthday
Andy Senior

James Andrew Rushing

James Andrew Rushing was born in Oklahoma City on August 26, 1901. Born into a musical family, he studied music theory at Oklahoma City’s Douglass

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Fred Staton
Jazz Jottings
Lew Shaw

Jazz Jottings August 2017

What a Wonderful World August 16 will mark the 50th anniversary of Louis Armstrong recording “What a Wonderful World,” which became his best-loved song. The

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Dick Hawk
Letters to the Editor
Syncopated Times

Remembering Richard Hawk

To the Editor: Dick Hawk, the Torch Carrier of good jazz in the Midwest passed on a few weeks ago. Dick had employed Lynn Zimmer

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Final Chorus Archive
Lew Shaw

The Final Chorus August 2017

RICHARD HAWK, 82, on March 4 from a heart attack in Overland Park, Kansas. A successful entrepreneur who headed numerous ventures in the fields of

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Rossano Sportiello: Pastel

Rossano Sportiello: Pastel

Those familiar with my previous reviews of pianist Rossano Sportiello’s CDs already know that I’m among the converted. He’s a classically trained Italian pianist who

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Bill Cunliffe: Bachanalia

BACHanalia- Bill Cunliffe

Bill Cunliffe is a prolific pianist, composer, and conductor. I am already among the converted, so was excited to see/hear Cunliffe’s newest effort. On most

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