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Baby Soda: Bringing Hot Jazz to the People




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Horace Meunier Harris, 90, Wrote “Jazz in Britain” for The American Rag

Vol.1, No.10 November 2016
On the Cover

Baby Soda: Bringing Hot Jazz to the People, by Russ Tarby


The Future of Jazz Festivals: Attracting a Younger Audience, by Joe Smith

Ragtime Reflections, by Brian Holland

Thailand’s Jazz-Loving King Dies at 88, by Lew Shaw & Richard Simon

Remembering Dawn Hampton, by Stephanie Robinson

Joey Alexander: Jazz’s Newest Sensation, by Lew Shaw

Marilyn Keller’s Musical Journey, an interview with Tony Welch


Nights at the Turntable, by Scott Yanow

The Candy Men, review by F. Norman Vickers


Jazz Birthday of the Month: Coleman Hawkins, illustration by Gary Price

Static from my Attic, by Andy Senior

Final Chorus, compiled by Lew Shaw

Jazz Jottings, by Lew Shaw

The Professor is IN, by Adrian Cunningham

Jazz Travels, by Bill Hoffman

Blowing off the Dust, by Larry Melton

New Orleans: Part One, by Randi Cee

Festival Roundup, compiled by Russ Tarby

Other News

Ragtimers Celebrate Larry Karp’s Life, Larry Melton

Centenary Fund for Scott Joplin Memorial, Press Release

Peter Ford’s Box Bass, by Russ Tarby

I’m Alive!!, by Flip Oakes

David Sager Highlights Foo Foo Fest, by F. Norman Vickers

Artist Carolyn Newberger Captures Jazz in Motion, Gallery

Horace Meunier Harris Obituary, by Andy Senior

“Coat Show” (poem) by Andy Senior

A Spin of the Dial, by Joe Bebco

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