April 2020

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Hannah Gill

The Ballad of Hannah Gill

I first noticed Hannah Gill in a fundraising video she made with Glenn Crytzer in support of his double disc release of originals and swing

Jazz Band Clip Art copyright

Jazz and Copyright Law

If you can imagine turning on the radio and hearing a song you wrote credited to someone else, you’re probably a believer in the concept


How to be the Star of the Band
The Professor Is IN
Adrian Cunningham

How to be the Star of the Band

At some point, you may have heard some jazz educator rabbit on to a group of students with a speech like, “jazz is a group

Richard Simon and the MBHS kids on stage at the school.
Quarter Notes
Shelly Gallichio

From the 2020 San Diego Jazz Party

The San Diego Jazz Party began in 1988 and recently celebrated its 32nd anniversary on the weekend of February 21st at the lovely Hilton San

Zez Confrey by Joe Busam
Jazz Birthday
Andy Senior

Zez Confrey

Edward Elzear “Zez” Confrey was born in Peru, Illinois, on April 3, 1895. Zez grew up in a musical household in which his older brother,

Dave Bennet finale
Festival Roundup
Andy Senior

The Festival Roundup April 2020

This is the Festival Roundup as it was way way back in the sad days of quarantines and face masks. To see our current and

George Lewis and Bunk Johnson
Profiles In Jazz
Scott Yanow

Bunk Johnson: Profiles in Jazz

There have long been two extreme schools of thought about trumpeter Bunk Johnson. His most partisan fans thought of him not only as a genius,

Social Distance Line
Randi Cee
Randi Cee

Keep Your ?#@*&%! Distance!

My eyes are drilling into a Walgreens cashier as she chats up a small boy with his family. I look to the other person in

Scott Joplin Todd Snodgrass Mural Detail
Blowing Off The Dust
Larry Melton

Experiencing the Ragtime World from Home

I grew up in the 1940’s reading science fiction stories of time travel and of mysterious flying carpets. Today as I sit here in still

Noel Rockmore Presevation Hall
Letters to the Editor
Andy Senior

Letters to the Editor April 2020

To the Editor: Enjoyed the March issue of Syncopated Times (as usual). Just want to point out a misidentification in New Orleans Music Observed: The

Ed Clute America's Got Talent
Jazz Jottings
Lew Shaw

Jazz Jottings April 2020

At my advanced age, the thing I like about jazz parties is that they are held in a single venue (usually a hotel ballroom with

Stuck Home Stomp
Static From My Attic
Andy Senior

Stuck Home Stomp

There is no point in attempting my usual meandering approach to the topic that preoccupies all of us at the moment. Just as unnecessary travel


The Syncopated Times Website on its first day.

Celebrating Two Years Online

On March 24th 2018 we announced the launch of Syncopatedtimes.com on our Facebook page. At the time we only had 300 followers. A total of

Upbeat Recordings Label

Upbeat Recordings Acquires Jazz Oracle

Jazz Oracle was always a classy label. Their reissues, which were produced by Colin J. Bray, John Wilby and the late John R.T. Davies, featured





The Syncopated Bookshelf

Nights at the Turntable

Clancy Hayes Private Collection 39-72

Clancy Hayes Private Collection 1939-72

Clancy Hayes was a unique figure in jazz history, one of its first singer/songwriters and an underrated and versatile musician. He was part of the

Red Nichols_The Red Heads

Red Nichols’ Red Heads 1925-27

While the classic Red Nichols and his Five Pennies sessions are in the Brunswick series, Nichols was so prolific during the 1920s that there is

Grey Gull Rarities

Grey Gull Rarities

When one listens to the 27 selections on Grey Gull Rarities, it is easy to conclude that Grey Gull was one of the top jazz

Off the Beaten Tracks

Fat Babies Jazz Uptown

The Fat Babies – Uptown

The mere announcement of a new Fat Babies album should inspire most readers of The Syncopated Times to run out and buy it. They are

Bratislava Hot Serenaders Lonely Melody

The Bratislava Hot Serenaders

I haven’t been this excited about discovering a new band in a long time. I mean T-shirts and bumper stickers excited. Part of my interest

Funkrust Brass Band Bones and Burning

Funkrust Brass Band: Bones and Burning

The Funkrust Brass Band is a 20-piece “post-apocalyptic disco-punk brass band playing all original music with megaphone vocals, heavy tuba bass lines, thundering percussion and

Russell Welch Acetate Sessions

Russell Welch – Acetate Sessions

Russell Welch is a name that comes up again and again as I explore the new crop of New Orleans musicians. I’m delighted to cover

Selfie tim mcinnes

Selfie by Tim McInnes

At 62 Tim McInnes felt pursuing his musical ambitions had become now or never. He revisited his childhood Schaum method piano training and began to

The Final Chorus

Table of Contents

The (Postmodern) Ballad of Hannah Gill, by Joe Bebco
Houston Person: “It’s Been a Wonderful Journey”, by Lew Shaw
Copyright Law and Jazz: A Very Mixed Bag, by Stephen Provizer
Fillius Jazz Archive at Hamilton College celebrates 25 years, by Russ Tarby


Jazz Jottings, by Lew ShawJazz
Birthday of the Month: Zez Confrey, illustration by Joe Busam
Final Chorus, compiled by Joe Bebco
The Professor is IN: How to Be the Star of the Band, by Adrian Cunningham
Dynamic Women of Early Jazz and Classic Blues, Pt.1, by Dave Radlauer
Perry Bradford Recalls Fred Hager, by R.S. Baker
Quarter Notes: The San Diego Jazz Party, by Shelly Gallichio
Keep Your ?#@*&%! Distance!, by Randi Cee
Profiles in Jazz: Bunk Johnson, by Scott Yanow
Blowing off the Dust: Experiencing the Ragtime World at Home, by Larry Melton
Festival Roundup
Readers’ Letters


Counterpoint by Dick Hyman and Ken Peplowski, review by Edward A. Berlin
Nights at the Turntable, CD reviews by Scott Yanow
The Syncopated Bookshelf: Sweet Thunder by Jack Chambers, review by Joe Bebco
Fresno’s 2020 Sounds of Mardi Gras is a Big Hit!, by Linda Shorb
Cardinals Host Carl Sonny Leyland and St. Louis Steady Grinders, by Shonda Croly
Off the Beaten Tracks, CD reviews by Joe Bebco

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