April 2022

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Elevator Music

Each of them pushed the UP button, because they didn’t know if the others were going up. The doors opened. They entered. The doors closed.

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Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra
Ain't Cha Got Music?
Jeff Barnhart -with- Dan Barrett

Focus on Bennie Moten:1928-30

Jeff Barnhart: My erstwhile collaborator, Hal Smith, needs a while to erst on other projects this time around and requested I invite a guest. I’ve

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CC Hubbard
Blowing Off The Dust
Larry Melton

Healing a Racial Divide

This is a pleasant article for me to write, though it resurrects a reminder of unpleasant times. I hope readers will find the healing nature

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Dan Barrett & Babette Ory
Quarter Notes
Shelly Gallichio

From the 2022 San Diego Jazz Party

The San Diego Jazz Party celebrated its 33rd year with a dynamic return featuring many of the “World’s Leading Jazz Musicians”! Held at the beautiful

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The Professor Is IN
Adrian Cunningham


As I write this, I’m sitting at a cafe at St. Kilda, Melbourne (Australia, that is). Because of, ahem, certain recent pandemia, it’s been almost

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Alberta Hunter
Jazz Birthday
Andy Senior

Alberta Hunter

Alberta Hunter was born April 1, 1895, in Memphis, Tennessee. She never knew her father, and was not happy with her stepfather. She left home

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Static From My Attic
Andy Senior

Easter Eggs

I was lucky to grow up in a community that was ethnically (if not racially) diverse. Certain nationalities predominated, and in the cul-de-sac where I

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Nights at the Turntable

Off the Beaten Tracks

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