Van Young

Van Young has helped keep the Elkhart Jazz Festival a swinging proposition for the past three decades. He also hosts Patterns in Jazz, Sundays at noon (Central) at WGCS-FM 91.1, Goshen, IN. Listen online at He is currently writing a series of short memories from his interactions with jazz folk over the years. These don’t count against your monthly article limit.
Portrait of George Brunis and Tony Parenti, Jimmy Ryan's (Club), New York, N.Y.

“Georg Brunis”

While seniors at Ball State, Jean and I married and began living off campus. The wedding occurred on Thursday, November 27, 1959. On that evening

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Fred and Frank Assunto Dukes of Dixieland e1538240178391 - Bourbon Street, 1953

Bourbon Street, 1953

A Young Jazz Fan in the French Quarter Ask anyone what street comes to mind when they think of Dixieland jazz and the response, usually,

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DJ Van Young WRTC 1982

The Jazz Bugs

No, the title “Jazz Bugs” doesn’t refer to a new jazz band but I wouldn’t be surprised. I use it in reference to being “bitten”

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hydra note 768x618 - The Many Faces of Jazz

The Many Faces of Jazz

When I hear someone tell me, “I don’t care for jazz,” my first response is very direct: “Which kind do you dislike?” Many of my

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Louis and Peter Davis - Encouragement Does Help!

Encouragement Does Help!

With many thousands of jazz concerts, festivals, and workshops worldwide, the passion for jazz has never been greater. That passion is shared by listeners and

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