January 2018

Table of Contents

Vol.3, No.1 January 2018


Sam Post’s Ragtime Obsession, by Larry Melton

Cakewalkin’ Jass Band Celebrates 50 Years, by Lew Shaw

Jazz and Pop Diva Keely Smith Passes, 89, by Andy Senior

Bruce Boyd Raeburn: Dr. Jazz Retires, by Lew Shaw

Chewin’ on the Chicken Fat, by Russ Tarby

Remembering Guitarist Mundell Lowe, by F. Norman Vickers


Static from my Attic, by Andy Senior

Jazz Birthday of the Month: Slim Gaillard, illustration by Gary Price

Jazz Jottings, by Lew Shaw

Blowing off the Dust, by Larry Melton

Jazz Travels with Bill Hoffman

Profiles in Jazz: Gene Krupa, by Scott Yanow

Festival Roundup, compiled by Andy Senior

Final Chorus, compiled by Lew Shaw


Bump in the Road, by Randi Cee

The Professor is IN- Preparing for the Count Off, by Adrian Cunningham

A Handy Man Around the House (1922), cartoon  by Clare Briggs

Cohen on the Telephone &  Yes, We Have No Bananas, cartoons by John Held, Jr.

“A Bird in a Cage Making Minimum Wage”, song by Andy Senior



Nights at the Turntable, by Scott Yanow

Off the Beaten Tracks, by Joe Bebco

Other News

New Wonders Release Debut Album, by Andy Senior

Nurturing the Future of Jazz, by Russ Tarby

2018 Olympia Jazz Festival Cancelled, by Lew Shaw

Sacramento Music Festival Defunct after Four Decades, by Andy Senior

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January 2018
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January 2018
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