March 2016

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The Jazz Age Sings and Swings on The Big BroadcastVol.1, No.2 March 2016

On The Cover

John Allred: Carrying Forward a Family Legacy, by Lew Shaw


Remembering Dan Hicks, by Russ Tarby 

The Hot Sardines, by Lew Shaw 

Jewel Brown, by Russ Tarby 

Why Must We Always Communicate?, by Andy Senior 

Harry “Sweets” Edison, by Lew Shaw 

Scott Anthony, by Lew Shaw 


Native American Jazz Legend Russell Moore, by Lew Shaw 

Do You Have an Ear for Jazz? by Lew Shaw 

The Musical Baker Twins, by Lew Shaw 

A “Cakewalk?” Hardly, by Andy Senior


Jazz Birthday of the Month: Bix Beiderbecke, by Gary Price 

Static from My Attic, by Andy Senior 

Hot Jazz Breaks, by Russ Tarby 

Final Chorus, compiled by Lew Shaw 

Selected Correspondence from Readers

Jazz Jottings, by Lew Shaw 

Festival Roundup, by Russ Tarby 

Busy Box, All Too Busy Box (poem), by Andy Senior 

In Praise of Dead Trees, by Andy Senior 


NYC Street Named For Maxine Sullivan, by Lew Shaw 

Musician Robbed at Gunpoint, by Lew Shaw 

Boise Jazz Party June 3-5, by Lew Shaw 

French Quarter Fest Update, by Russ Tarby 


The Jazz Age Sings and Swings on The Big Broadcast, by Andy Senior

CD Review: James P. Johnson on Mosaic, by Scott Yanow

The Syncopated Bookshelf, by F. Norman Vickers 1 & 2, Russ Tarby 

CD Review: Three by Jeff Barnhart, by Scott Yanow