March 2023

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The New Orleans Owls, Part One

Jeff Barnhart: Hal, this month we’re listening to and discussing the music of a really hot, and polished, band from New Orleans. The New Orleans Owls

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Jason Marsalis at Fritzel’s – an unexpected surprise drummer with Jamil Sharif (tp) and Jim Markway (bs)
Quarter Notes

New Orleans in the New Year!

Getting back to New Orleans to finally celebrate the New Year was a fun adventure! The city experienced an extreme cold snap over the holidays

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My Inspirations

Last Minute Jazz Anecdotes

When Andy Senior reminded his writers we had an earlier deadline due to February’s being shy two or three days, there was a bit of

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Miff Mole by Joe Busam
Jazz Birthday

Miff Mole

Miff Mole was born Irving Milfred Mole in what is now Roosevelt, Long Island, on March 11, 1898. Miff studied violin and piano before switching

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Ragtime Vignettes 

Sugar Cane (1908)

The opening section of Scott Joplin’s 1908 Sugar Cane is often compared to that of his earlier Maple Leaf Rag. Sugar Cane is “sweeter” and

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Blowing Off The Dust

In the Loop

As I have often mentioned, having a column in this publication has opened the world of ragtime for me. It is often an adventure to

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A Song of Blunder

Years ago I read a clever story And it inspired the song that I will sing: Time-travelers sought prehistoric glory, Went back, and changed a

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Static From My Attic

How Much Do You Care?

If I’ve learned anything in the almost sixty-one years I’ve been on this planet—and it’s doubtful I have—it’s that I’m destined to be the guy

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