October 2022

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King Oliver
Ain't Cha Got Music?

Joe Oliver: Still the King (1926-1927)

Jeff Barnhart: Hal, after our in-depth exploration of a single tune, it’s time to broaden our scope to the music of the immortal Joe “King”

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Clarence Williams
Jazz Birthday

Clarence Williams

Clarence Williams was born October 6th or 8th, 1893, in Plaquemine, Louisiana. He ran away from home when he was 12 to join Billy Kersands’

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Blowing Off The Dust

Remembering Leon Dudley

I have met or learned of some of the most interesting people through conversations with Max Morath. Recently he happened to mention his work in

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Queen Elizabeth and Duke Ellington
My Inspirations

Jazz Amidst Mourning in Britain

On September 8, two momentous occurrences took place in the UK: one was instantly shared throughout the world and millions upon millions mourned; the other

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Quarter Notes

Hot Jazz and Cool Breezes!

Leaving Southern Arizona’s summer heat for the cooler mountains of Northern Arizona, it was time to attend the Prescott Jazz Summit for a weekend of

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Andy Senior about 1975
Static From My Attic

Andy Senior, Poet

For this month’s column, I cede the floor to Michael Steinman, who published the following kind commentary about me on his excellent site, jazzlives.wordpress.com. I

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Cleopatra Rag
Ragtime Vignettes 

Cleopatra Rag

Cleopatra Rag (1915) is one of twelve of Joseph Lamb’s piano rags published by Stark Music Company. In an advertisement for the piece, the publisher

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Nights at the Turntable

More Albums

Scott Hamilton • Classics

Tenor sax icon Scott Hamilton seems to lead as relaxed a life as his playing suggests. He’s based in Florence, Italy, playing festivals and club

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Doro Wat

Doro Wat

The Doro Wat Jazz Band of New Orleans produced a self-titled CD a few years ago, featuring the cream of the traditionalist crop of musicians

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