April 2023

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Oscar Papa Celestin

Poem: Remembering Right

A Tribute to Oscar “Papa” Celestin and Other Early Jazz Artists from the Thibodaux, La., Area This poem was commissioned for the Thibodaux Jubilee celebration

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Orson Welles, photographed by Carl Van Vechten
Static From My Attic

Out of the Media Muddle

I have always found it difficult to ask for assistance, even when I have clearly needed it. This reluctance to accept help may be an

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My Inspirations

An Inspirational Olio

If you’ll allow that inspirations come in all shapes, colors and sizes, I’ll share that for me March has already yielded bunches of them and

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The Professor Is IN

The New Syllabus

There’s been a lot made in the news in recent times about systemic issues in our education system. As I understand it, there seems to

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Johnny Dodds by Gary Price
Jazz Birthday

Johnny Dodds

Johnny Dodds was born April 12, 1892, in Waveland, Mississippi. Johnny spent his childhood steeped in music, with his father, uncle, and sister playing various

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Ragtime Vignettes 

Imperial Rag

Imperial Rag, Max Morath’s first Ragtime composition, was written in 1954 and eventually included in Cripple Creek: A Ragtime Suite for Piano three decades later.

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