August 2022

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Bing Crosby: Jazz Singer

In his career, Bing Crosby showed that he could sing practically everything other than opera. Whether it was classic American pop tunes, traditional Irish songs,

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Rhythm in the Rocks

“I submit that there is nothing that anybody in the world has ever done that is more civilized or sophisticated than to dance elegantly, which

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Recording Pioneers

Len Spencer Goes on Tour

In 1899, recording artist Len Spencer decided to make a bold move: take his small group of phonograph friends on tour in a minstrel troupe.

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Arthur Fields
Jazz Birthday

Arthur Fields

Arthur Fields was born Abraham Finkelstein in Philadelphia on August 6, 1888, with his family relocating to Utica, New York, shortly thereafter. Young Abe was

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Static From My Attic

It’s Been (Another) Month

I find myself sitting here with the words that invariably manifest themselves as I write my Static column for each issue: It’s been a month.

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The Professor Is IN

Jerry Lewis

As a musician, over the years, we occasionally have the opportunity to play with some giants or the industry. And about a decade ago, I

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Al White
Jazz Jottings

Jazz Jottings August 2022

If Dick Gibson is considered the Father of Jazz Parties, then Al White Jr. deserved to be his Number 1 son. Gibson was a successful

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Quarter Notes

Late Summer Events in New Orleans

From French Quarter Festivals and Offbeat Magazine: Satchmo SummerFest presented by Chevron returns for two full days of music, food and celebration! Every year we

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News and More


Nights at the Turntable

Bob Wilber's The Six

Bob Wilber’s The Six

In the early 1950s, Bob Wilber (1928-2019) was having a musical identity crisis. He had been a protégé of the masterful Sidney Bechet during 1946-48

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Table of Contents

Vol.7, No.8 August 2022


Jazz Diva Laurel Massé Celebrates 50 Years in Music, by Garry Berman

Arnett Nelson: An “Unknown” Clarinet Player, by Christopher D.K. Cook

Arnett Nelson Annotated Discography

From the Back to the Front: “Sophisticated Lady” Jeanette Kimball, by Dave Doyle

Rhythm in the Rocks, by Peter Gerler

“Trying to Live 100 Days in One Day”, by Iain Cameron Williams

Changes and Challenges in the Digital Age, by Henry Peterson


Nights at the Turntable, by CD reviews by Scott Yanow

Tuba Skinny and Chicago Cellar Boys reviewed by Ted des Plantes

Danny Jonokuchi & Lester’s Blues reviewed by Dave Doyle

Bob Wallis & French Preservation JB reviewed by Bert Thompson

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