February 2020

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Gus Haenschen record ad

The First Jazz on Disc: Why Haenschen Swings

Sound recordings as documents of stylistic development are an integral part of jazz research. Being able to hear musical transformation and evolution over a period

St Louis Cotton Club Band 1925 300x235 - Prohibition and the Rise of Jazz, Part 2

Prohibition and the Rise of Jazz, Part 2

On November 11, 1918, a 17-year-old Louis “Dipper” Armstrong, driving a coal cart around his down-and-out New Orleans neighborhood, heard a commotion. World War I

Tuba Skinny philly

Bringing Tuba Skinny to Philadelphia

We knew Tuba Skinny had a following but we weren’t prepared for a standing room only crowd! I never saw so many joyous, boppin’ people


WCRF 300x232 - From the 33rd West Coast Ragtime Festival

From the 33rd West Coast Ragtime Festival

A plenitude of pleasures delighted fans who filled Rancho Cordova’s elegant Marriott Hotel and then some as the 33rd annual West Coast Ragtime Festival opened

Paris Washboard

Paris Washboard Make Rare US Tour

Paris Washboard, the renowned French quartet, will be making its first US appearance in over two years, with four concerts in February in Pennsylvania and


Profiles In Jazz

Paul Whiteman: Profiles in Jazz

A household name during the 1920s, Paul Whiteman led the most popular orchestra of the decade. He expertly mixed together occasional jazz pieces with semi-classical

Rebecca Kilgore
Festival Roundup

The Festival Roundup February 2020

For the latest Roundup click “Events” on the menu or find the newest one HERE EAGLES & IVORIES WEEKEND (Muscatine, IA) – Jan. 26-28 The

Dancers San Diego Jazz
Jazz Travels

From the 2019 San Diego Jazz Festival

Combined with my trip to the West Coast Ragtime Festival as reported last month, I attended for the second time the San Diego Jazz Fest

Barbary Coast Jazz Band on paddleboat
Jazz Jottings

Jazz Jottings February 2020

The Barbary Coast Dixieland Jazz Band holds a special place in Minnesota music history—and not just because its members were inducted into the Minnesota Music

How to pick up a musician
The Professor Is IN

How to Pick Up a Jazz Musician

We, in the jazz community, can sometimes get lonely barricaded in our practice rooms or in green rooms. I know it can be intimidating to

RADIOLA 1920s and 1930s clean radiola365
Static From My Attic

Words Fail Us

Last December, after wrapping up the layout of my January issue and launching it into the world, I was privileged to revisit what had been

Irving Kaufman
Jazz Birthday

Irving Kaufman

Irving Kaufman was born on February 8, 1890, in Syracuse, New York. At an early age he entered vaudeville with his brothers Philip and Jack.

Hager mason program(Hager scrapbook)
Recording Pioneers

Fred Hager’s Scraps and Scribbles

In the field of collecting acoustic era recordings, many scholars carry on their research and listening with the idea that items like diaries and scrapbooks

Lew Shaw Jazz Beat
The Syncopated Bookshelf

Jazz Beat: Notes on Classic Jazz by Lew Shaw

When Andy Senior mentioned in an email that Lew Shaw was publishing a second Jazz Beat volume of personality essays, I decided it was time


Nights at the Turntable

George Lewis & Alton Purnell

George Lewis & Alton Purnell

Throughout his career, clarinetist George Lewis was a bit of a chameleon. His sound and New Orleans jazz style were virtually unchanged from the time

Phil Napoleon That's a Plenty

Phil Napoleon: That’s A Plenty

Phil Napoleon was one of the important jazz pioneers. The trumpeter was among the very first musicians based in New York who knew how to

The Missourians and Cab Calloway

Cab Calloway & The Missourians 1929-30

One of the hottest bands of the late 1920s was the Missourians. The nine-piece group, which had earlier been Andy Preer’s Cotton Club Orchestra and

Bert Thompson

Sister Rosetta Tharpe Sensational

The Sensational Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Having recorded with various jazz bands and orchestras over the years, Sister Rosetta Tharpe was well-known to jazz fans. In addition to her appearances with

The Final Chorus


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