February 2016

On Our Very First Cover






Table of Contents


Jazz Birthday of the Month: James P. Johnson, by Gary Price 
Static from my Attic, by Andy Senior 

Jazz Jottings, by Lew Shaw 

Hot Jazz Breaks/Trading Fours, by Russ Tarby

Festival Roundup, by Russ Tarby 

Final Chorus, by compiled by Lew Shaw 


Molly Ryan, review by Andy Senior

Allred and Bertini, review by Russ Tarby

Coots, Reiss, and Holland, review by Lew Shaw 

New Bio Focuses on Billie Holiday’s Music, review by Russ Tarby

Jazz Tales from Jazz Legends, review by Russ Tarby 

Jimmy Van Heusen, review by F. Norman Vickers 


Bria Skonberg: Jazz and Social Conscience

GoFundMe Campaign Benefits Musicians’ Families

Why “The Syncopated Times”?, by Andy Senior

Changing of the Guard, by Lew Shaw

Big Bands Boosted in New England, by Russ Tarby 

Chris Tyle Retiring Due to Health, Lew Shaw


Whatever Became of Nostalgia?, by Andy Senior

“We’re Burning Daylight Here!”, by Andy Senior

The Nineteen-Twenties Seen as an Entertic Disease of Trilobites (poem), by Andy Senior

Publisher’s Coda, by Andy Senior

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