February 2022

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Hartzell "Tiny" Parham (1900-1943)

Who Killed History?

I first wanted to call this post “The Death of Historical Consciousness,” but that title, although accurate, seemed too ponderous to be chewed and swallowed.

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Static From My Attic
Andy Senior

Six Years and Still Ticking!

Since publishing my first issue of The Syncopated Times six years ago this month, the time has just flown. It doesn’t feel like a minute

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Nicki Parrott
Jazz Jottings
Lew Shaw

Jazz Jottings February 2022

Carol and Jeff Loehr aren’t sure what number to assign to the 2022 Sun Valley Jazz & Music Festival, scheduled to return to the Sawtooth

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Quarter Notes
Shelly Gallichio

It’s Carnival Time!

And this year it will take place! The Mayor has assured the city that the “show must go on” and after shortening some of the

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Blowing Off The Dust
Larry Melton

I Lived in “Bedford Falls”

A few days ago, Chris Robinson sent me a YouTube website address to watch the 2021 Christmas Parade in Sedalia, Missouri, featuring the Scott Joplin

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The Professor Is IN
Adrian Cunningham

Engendered Species

Folks, I’m an old fashioned kind of guy at heart. I’m not ashamed to admit it. And as such, I’ve always had a fondness for

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Jazz Birthday
Andy Senior

Joseph “Wingy” Manone

Joseph “Wingy” Manone was born February 13, 1900, in New Orleans. Manone acquired his lifelong nickname when, at the age of 10, his right arm

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Ragtime Vignettes 
Brandon Byrne


As a young teenager simultaneously learning the mechanics of piano playing and falling in love with Ragtime, I would have benefited greatly by being introduced

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My Inspirations
Jeff Barnhart

The Fake Book Miracle

When I was a young sprat in the 1970’s my family belonged to the High Lane Club in North Haven, CT. It’s not as posh

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