May 2022

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The Nevada Hotel and Murphy’s Bar on Front Street in Wells
My Inspirations
Jeff Barnhart

Strangers in a Strange Land

In 2001, after completing the Mammoth Lakes Jazz Jubilee, Anne and I rented a Toyota sedan with clarinetist Bob Draga to drive to Helena, Montana,

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The Professor Is IN
Adrian Cunningham


Recently, I moved into a co-op apartment building in Manhattan. If you’re not aware, the concept of a co-op is that each resident owns shares

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Jazz Jottings
Lew Shaw

Jazz Jottings May 2022

On reading Joe Bebco’s excellent “Festival Roundup,” the casual reader might ask “What’s the difference between a Jazz Festival and a Jazz Party?” To a

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Vic Burton
Jazz Birthday
Andy Senior

Vic Berton

Vic Berton was born Victor Cohen in Chicago on May 7, 1896. Vic grew up in a middle-class household, though one with a streak of

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Tom Shea
Letters to the Editor
Syncopated Times

Reader Correspondence May 2022

Remembering Tom Shea  To the Editor: What a pleasure to read the article by Brandon Byrne about Tom Shea. Tom was an integral part of

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Nights at the Turntable

More Albums

Table of Contents

Jazz Travels: Templeton Ragtime and Jazz Fest, by Bill Hoffman

Chick Singer Jokes and Other Clichés, by Randi Cee

Festival Roundup, compiled by Joe Bebco

Blowing off the Dust: Renewed Interest in J.W. “Blind” Boone, by Larry Melton

Profiles in Jazz: Maxine Sullivan and Cliff Jackson, by Scott Yanow

Readers’ Correspondence

Ada Leonard and the All-American Girl Orchestra, Pt. 1, by Dave Radlauer

Ain’t Cha Got Music: Firehouse Five Plus Two, by Jeff Barnhart & Hal Smith

Pushin’ Sixty vs. Pushin’ Sixty (song parodies), by Andy Senior


ARSC Produces First-Ever CD to Celebrate Public Domain, by Andy Senior

Farewell to Phil Pospychala, by John Landry

Catherine Russell, Marcus Roberts Celebrate Ellington, by Daniel Kassell


Reginald Robinson Man Out of Time, CD review by Brandon Byrne

Nights at the Turntable, CD reviews by Scott Yanow

Off the Beaten Tracks, CD reviews by Joe Bebco

Scott Joplin: Two Contrasting Interpretations, #1 and #2 by Edward A. Berlin

Doyle’s Discs, #1 and #2 CD, reviews by Dave Doyle

Bert’s Bits and Beats, #1 and #2, CD reviews by Bert Thompson

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