November 2021

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Profiles In Jazz
Scott Yanow

Isham Jones: Profiles in Jazz

Isham Jones, whenever he is mentioned today, is cited as being a talented songwriter who added several standards to the Great American Songbook. However he

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Recording Pioneers
R.S. Baker

More Notes on Jimmy Hager

Last year, in this column was an article on drummer Jimmy Hager, bandmaster Fred Hager’s brother, but since that publication, more has been discovered about

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Quarter Notes
Shelly Gallichio

No Fests—but Lots of Music!

Although the French Quarter Festival and The Jazz & Heritage Festival were cancelled for October and postponed to its usual April-May period for next year,

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The Professor Is IN
Adrian Cunningham

Music Education

The curious thing I’ve noticed about studying jazz at university, is that it sells all the glamour of becoming a jazz star, but largely ignores

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Buck Clayton
Jazz Birthday
Andy Senior

Buck Clayton

Wilbur Dorsey “Buck” Clayton was born November 12, 1911, in Parsons, Kansas. Buck learned piano at an early age, then studied trumpet with his father

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Randi Cee
Randi Cee


I haven’t been to High Holiday services in a very long time. My last memory was crashing Yom Kippur services at my local synagogue where

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Blowing Off The Dust
Larry Melton

Song Introductions

I was writing an autumn poem for our local nature reserve newsletter this morning describing family trips I remember as a kid. I grew up

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Ragtime Vignettes 
Brandon Byrne

Wendy by David Thomas Roberts

David Thomas Roberts’ 2008 Wendy—an overlooked gem in the key of D-flat—is categorically similar to his more recent Romantic Ragtime works (e.g. Nahyr, Victorian Gardens,

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Wilmoth Houdini
Static From My Attic
Andy Senior

‘Poor But Ambitious’

Let me confess here that I have long had a love of Classic Calypso. I’m referring specifically to the lively and witty Trinidadian music recorded

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