December 2021

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Recording Pioneers
R.S. Baker

The Remarkable Mr. Porter

Any seasoned record collector is likely aware of the baritone Steve Porter. He was a main fixture of the famous American Quartet, and a common

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My Inspirations
Jeff Barnhart

More-a the Flora (Part 1)

“Jeff, I’ve got a gig for you this Labor Day,” whined my friend Stu Ingersoll in his ponderous yet always welcome voice. “Terrific, Stu!” In

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Quarter Notes
Shelly Gallichio

Seems Like Old Times…

Lovely weather and lots of music greeted us in New Orleans for what is often considered the “wedding” month. Many postponed nuptials and their attendants

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The Professor Is IN
Adrian Cunningham

The Busking Experiment

Recently I read about a social experiment performed a decade ago involving world-renowned classical violinist Joshua Bell. (I know, I’m a little late to the

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Paul Orsi
Ragtime Vignettes 
Brandon Byrne

Paul Orsi: The Early Years

Paul Orsi is a very entertaining musician. His sheet music folio Paul Orsi: the Early Years contains six delightful pieces. The simple Sunrise Rag is

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Josh Duffee
Jazz Jottings
Lew Shaw

Jazz Jottings December 2021

We asked a random group of musicians what they did with their time during the 15 months of the COVID-19 pandemic and how they survived

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Irving Fazola
Jazz Birthday
Andy Senior

Irving Fazola

Irving Henry Prestopnik (Irving Fazola) was born in New Orleans on December 10, 1912. He started on piano, but as he switched to reed instruments—first

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Blowing Off The Dust
Larry Melton

Neighbors Unaware…

I recently made a connection that has been in front of me for 40 plus years and which has nearly bowled me over. I spent

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Static From My Attic
Andy Senior

On the Highwire

I’ve never considered myself one for taking risks. I was always that kid whose knees buckled at the notion of climbing to the highest diving

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Nights at the Turntable

Off the Beaten Tracks

Dave Doyle


The Final Chorus

Table of Contents

Vol.6, No.12 December 2021


Searching for Donald Ashwander: A Tribute, by Matthew de Lacey Davidson

Mosaic on the Move, by B.A. Nilsson

Bertha Gonsoulin: Sidewoman and Sidenote, by Dave Doyle

“One-Leg” Willie Joseph: Black Piano’s Missing Link, by Con Chapman

New Black Eagle Jazz Band: Sunnyvale CA 1984, by Radlauer & Thompson

Ain’t Cha Got Music: Benny Strickler, by Jeff Barnhart & Hal Smith



Jazz Birthday of the Month: Irving Fazola, illustration by Joe Busam

Static from my Attic, by Andy Senior

Final Chorus, by compiled by Joe Bebco

Jazz Jottings, by Lew Shaw

Quarter Notes: Seems Like Old Times, by Shelly Gallichio

The Professor is IN: The Busking Experiment, by Adrian Cunningham

Ragtime Vignettes: Paul Orsi, The Early Years, by Brandon Byrne

Jazz Travels: The 2021 AZ Classic Jazz Festival, by Bill Hoffman

The Remarkable Mr. Porter, by R.S. Baker

Festival Roundup, compiled by Joe Bebco

Blowing off the Dust: Neighbors Unaware, by Larry Melton

Profiles in Jazz: Eubie Blake, by Scott Yanow

My Inspirations: More-a the Flora (Part 1), by Jeff Barnhart


Cynthia Sayer Transcribes Snowden’s Harlem Banjo!, by Andy Senior

Dave Doyle Swing Reviews
Kicking and Screaming
Swing Manouche
Coral Riff

Nights at the Turntable, CD reviews by Scott Yanow

Off the Beaten Tracks, Christmas CD reviews by Joe Bebco

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