June 2020


Doug Benson

Doug Benson on the Record

Doug Benson’s work on King Oliver and Wolverines material quickly became benchmarks for what proper audio restoration could reveal. Since those discs in 2007 and

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Quarter Notes 1 768x317 - Jazz Festing in Place
Quarter Notes

Jazz Festing in Place

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival’s 50th anniversary celebration was cancelled for the weekends of April 23-26 and April 30-May 3. The local radio

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Punch Miller
Jazz Birthday

Punch Miller

Ernest “Punch” Miller was born in Raceland, Louisiana, on June 10, 1894. Since his twin sister was named Ernestine Judy, it was natural that he

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Jazz Beat Encore cover
Jazz Jottings

More notes from the Jazz Beat

My “beat” for this newspaper over the past 35 years has been to travel about the country chronicling jazz events, attending festivals and jazz parties,

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Read Em and Wipe
The Professor Is IN

How to Survive Quarantine

Here we are folks—for most of us, it’s just another day in self-quarantine. How long has it been already? A month, a week, two years?

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Blowing Off The Dust

Thinking Positive

Like many reading this, I suspect you are nearly overwhelmed by the negativism accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a pessimistic time and for many

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Louis Armstrtong stamp
Static From My Attic

Open letter to Jazz Festivals

For the first 52 issues of this paper, page three has contained a column of my mental regurgitations which many readers, unaccountably, look forward to

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Off the Beaten Tracks

House Bound Jazz

House Bound Jazz

I downloaded this album the moment I saw it. At the time it was only five tracks with maybe six or seven musicians on board

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Nights at the Turntable

Cliff Jackson 1926-1934

Cliff Jackson 1926-1934

Cliff Jackson (1902-70) was one of the great stride pianists to emerge from the 1920s. Despite that, Jackson recorded exclusively during 1924-27 as an accompanist

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The Final Chorus

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