March 2022

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The Professor Is IN
Adrian Cunningham

The Event Coordinator

As gigging musicians, we are always treading a delicate line. The universe, in its ironic wisdom, has decreed that our musically and artistically satisfying gigs

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Jazz Jottings
Lew Shaw

Jazz Jottings March 2022

Of all the instrumentalists, I have to admit being partial to the virtuosos of the keyboard. I guess I was influenced by a teenage recollection

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Static From My Attic
Andy Senior

How Are You?

Not that I want to brood on untoward anniversaries, but this month marks two years since everything shut down, but good. I find with some

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My Inspirations
Jeff Barnhart


It’s funny how as we get older, people who meant a great deal to us in our distant youth—but whom we’ve not thought of or

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Frank Teschemacher
Jazz Birthday
Andy Senior

Frank Teschemacher

Frank Teschemacher was born March 13, 1906, in Kansas City, Missouri. After his family moved to Chicago in 1912, Frank took up a number of

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Ain't Cha Got Music?
Hal Smith -with- Jeff Barnhart

Focus on The Missourians

Jeff Barnhart: Hal, we’re taking a month break from our exploration of Moten to concentrate on the music of the band we compared to early

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Ragtime Vignettes 
Brandon Byrne

Adam Swanson’s The Strater Shuffle

Adam Swanson’s boisterous, exuberant original rag The Strater Shuffle is a treat. Its thick chords and “walking” left hand tenths are sonically influenced by Tom

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Nights at the Turntable

Off the Beaten Tracks

More Albums

Syncopated Bookshelf

The Final Chorus

Table of Contents


Jazz Birthday of the Month: Frank Teschemacher, by illustration by Joe Busam

Static from my Attic, by Andy Senior

Final Chorus, compiled by Joe Bebco

Jazz Jottings, by Lew Shaw

The Professor is IN: The Event Manager, by Adrian Cunningham

Ragtime Vignettes: The Strater Shuffle, by Brandon Byrne

Quarter Notes: A Quarter for Your Thoughts, by Shelly Gallichio

What is the “Ragtime Life?”, by Ramona Baker

My Inspirations: Freddy, by Jeff Barnhart

Readers’ Correspondence

Festival Roundup, compiled by Joe Bebco

Blowing off the Dust: Don’t Give the Name a Bad Place, by Larry Melton

Profiles in Jazz: The Boogie Woogie Trio, by Scott Yanow

The Real Billie Holiday, Part 2: 1940s, by Dave Radlauer

Ain’t Cha Got Music: The Missourians, by Jeff Barnhart & Hal Smith


Let’s Get Happy Together reviewed by Ted des Plantes

George Webb’s Dixielanders: 1945-1948, review by Bert Thompson

Nights at the Turntable, CD reviews by Scott Yanow

Lonnie Donegan: The Forgotten Bridge, book review by Frank Farbenbloom

Hal Smith’s Jazzologists reviewed, by Dave Doyle

Off the Beaten Tracks, CD reviews by Joe Bebco

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