September 2020


Doc Cheatham

Remembering Doc Cheatham

Back in 1988 while building the lineup for the Elkhart Jazz Festival, I took a look at Doc Cheatham as an all-star participant; however, when

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Arnt Arntzen

The Saga of Arnt Arntzen

Thirty-three year-old guitarist/banjoist Arnt Arntzen, younger brother of reedman Evan Arntzen, has quickly established his own presence in New York. Evan was featured in this

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The Professor Is IN

Serendipity in Lisdoonvarna

Of all the adventures I’ve had in my worldly travels, one of my least memorable was a night in Lisdoonvarna. Now when I say least

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Hagers orchestra caricature(1902)
Recording Pioneers

The Beaux of Bronx Park

In the 1890s and 1900s, military bands were all the rage. From Gilmore’s band to your village community band, they were loved by everyone. One

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Pony Express Air Mail
Static From My Attic

Nor Gloom of Night

When I published my first issue of The Syncopated Times, I worked to compensate for the variables and uncertainties involved in getting started. Not the

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Vaughn De Leath
Jazz Birthday

Vaughn De Leath

Vaughn De Leath was born Leonore Vonderlieth in Mount Pulaski, Illinois, on September 26, 1894. At age 12, Leonore relocated to Los Angeles with her

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Nights at the Turntable

Off the Beaten Tracks

Dave Doyle

Bert Thompson

The Final Chorus

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